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Getting involved with bands at Crossroads Music school gives students the opportunity to progress their musical ability to the next level. Band lessons offer them the chance to work with other musicians and apply knowledge
from individual lessons to a performance situation. Joining a band also develops a skillset that cannot be acquired through individual lessons.

Band classes offer kids the opportunity to work together as a group. Learning to perform in a band environment inspires motivation and advances musical development. Getting a chance to put skills to use exposes the enjoyment of playing music. Seeing the results of all their hard work makes practice fun, and allows kids to invest more interest in learning.

Class outline
  • Performance
  • Chart Reading
  • Musicianship
  • Songwriting
  • Improvisation
  • Arranging Songs
  • Listening
  • Tones, Levels and how to use equipment
  • Understanding your roll in the band and on your instrument



Adult band classes give like minded people the opportunity to get together and jam. A relaxed atmosphere where amateur musicians can unleash their inner rock god, have some fun and make some new friends.


Guitar, Drums, Voice, Bass, Keys

Student Performances

All band students will get the opportunity to perform at an annual event.