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Lessons at Crossroads Music School are fully structured to help students achieve their goals. Whether you are an absolute beginner, interested in taking up music as a hobby, looking to study for a career in music, or have been playing for many years looking for direction and guidance. Our lessons are carried out in an enjoyable and productive learning environment, dedicated to deliver professional tuition to students of all ages and levels of ability.

Lessons will be personalised for the student depending on age and ability. Covering styles from rock to pop, jazz and blues, classical and world music, assuring a solid grounding in music theory, harmony and rhythm to allow students to further their ability on their instrument and in their understanding of music.

All students are encouraged to get involved with the bands and ensembles, to experience playing and performing with peers and in a live music setting. Band classes assist students in taking their playing and motivation to new levels, as well as promoting a sense of community among students and parents.


Music lessons are fun, engaging and educational. We teach kids the fundamentals of music through song and study.


Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced player, our teachers are friendly, clear and concise in delivering information relative to your goals.

Private Lesssons:

Lessons are one on one with a teacher for your chosen instrument. Classes can be half hour or a full hour.  Private lessons are directed specifically for the student and their personal needs and will be given their own personalised work to better their skills. Examples of areas covered can be seen on the Instruments page and can also help prepare students for AMEB, CMP, HSC exams.

Group Lesssons:

Group Lessons are offered for children 10 years and over.  Lessons consist of a small class with students of a similar age and ability level and give the students a chance to interact with others and learn in a class of peers. Benefits of learning in a group can be motivation to practise and get more involved in music in a more interactive way. Since much practise on the instrument is done alone, in a group you get the chance to play your instrument regularly with others of similar ability and be able to learn aspects of playing which is made much easier by learning in this setting.

Band/Ensemble Classes:

Students will get to work regularly as a band, and learn invaluable skills needed to work as a group.

Skills learnt include:

  • Performance
  • Chart Reading
  • Musicianship
  • Songwriting
  • Improvisation
  • Arranging Songs
  • Listening
  • Tones, Levels and how to use equipment
  • Understanding your roll in the band and on your instrument

Bands, as well as being enjoyable, will dramatically improve your skills on your instrument and motivation.

Theory Lessons:

Understanding the tools and science of music is incredibly helpful to every musician. Theory classes are offered in a group or private setting. These lessons will ensure a greater grasp on music outside of the students chosen instrument. Theory will serve anyone who plays an instrument and broaden their understanding of music.

Theory classes are also beneficial for students studying music at school.