Holiday Lessons

All holiday work shops classes are two weeks courses.

person playing piano with musical notes

Singer Songwriter Group Classes

Designed for and tailored to vocal students who have the ability to play an instrument and want to develop their composition skills. In this group class, students work together on the fundamentals of song writing. In this course, students are introduced to the tools and techniques needed to write a song. They will learn how to write songs by exploring all the steps involved, building knowledge as they progress and learn how to get creative. 

Song writing is an enjoyable and creative way of self expression. With this course, students will discover the underlying principles of song composition. Looking at how to set words to a rhythm, students will come to understand  what an effective melody looks like, and how to structure a piece of music. These techniques also help students to write future songs on their own.

Class Outline 

  • Setting words to music
  • Time and pitch
  • Working with melody
  • Chords and chord progressions
  • Song forms
  • Arranging your song 
  • Fundamentals of songwriting 
  • Lyric pattern, rhyme scheme and content
  • Motifs, ostinatos and how a piece of music develops
  • Arranging skills
  • Write a song in a day and have a finished product
  • Performance of written piece and the end of class with a feedback discussion 


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Kids/Teens Rock Band 

Holiday band club is a two week course designed to get students to work together and put into practice the knowledge they have gained on their instruments in their private lessons

Band club consists of 2 seperate hour long classes where students are put into a band with their peers. Students are assigned songs and parts that are tailored to them based on their experience, age and ability. Band class will help to prepare students for live performances and in learning their role within a band. As well as being fun and educational, band classes help in building confidence on their instrument, and broadens the love of music and performance

Class Outline