The Benefits Of Taking Music Lessons

Taking Music lessons Increases memory and improves coordination. Learning a musical instrument improves memory by teaching a student how to create, store and retrieve memories more effectively.

Reading music is converted in the brain to the physical motion of playing an instrument and can vastly improve hand eye coordination. Benefits music lessons have on a Childs brain include, improved memory and literacy, connectivity between different parts of the brain and continued brain plasticity throughout life.

Music Lessons teach discipline and builds confidence. Learning an instrument requires time, practice and patience. As part of the music lessons, teachers will set a range of skills to acquire and goals to achieve for the student. As the student begins to reach their goals, the will feel a sense of pride and achievement.

Other benefits include improving maths, reading and comprehension skills. Although playing an instrument is a highly creative act, there are many parallels between music and maths. By learning beat and rhythm, students are learning how to divide, create fractions and recognise patterns. Through learning to read music on a page and translating it to their instrument, musically trained children can develop better reading and comprehension skills.

Music Lessons expose the student to culture and history. Music theory has a long history and is taught as part of learning an instrument. Music is often a reflection of the era and culture it was composed in. Exposing a student to multiple genres of music will help them to better understand the origins of the music which can lead to a better understanding of what they are playing.

A huge benefit of music lessons is the development of social skills. Introducing music lessons to a child can have profound effects on their social development. It helps to exercise tolerance and patience as well as improved social cohesion among classmates and more positive attitudes in children

Music as a whole encourages Creative Self Expression. Playing an instrument is a great form of self expression. The study of music allows students to find and express their own creativity. Music can serve as an avenue to finding their agency and voice no matter their path through life.

Learning a new skill is fun, it makes you happy. By actively engaging and stimulating the brain, playing an instrument makes you feel happy and occupied.

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